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Subject:Ενημέρωση για BREXIT

Ακολουθεί ενημέρωση της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής αναφορικά με το BREXIT που αφορά τη συμμετοχή του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου για την υπόλοιπη περίοδο του παρόντος Προγράμματος. 

Σχετική ενημέρωση έχει αναρτηθεί και στον ακόλουθο σύνδεσμο όπου θα συνεχίσουν να δημοσιεύονται σχετικές πληροφορίες.


With the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement by both the UK and the European Parliament, Brexit will come into effect as of 01/02/2020. The transition period will end on 31/12/2020. 

The Withdrawal Agreement foresees UK participation in the current 2014-2020 programmes, including Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps, until the closure of the programmes, meaning that UK beneficiaries can continue to take part in grants awarded under the current Regulations until all activities are completed, even if it is after 2020.

The Erasmus+ Contingency Regulation (19/03/2019) and the 2020 General Contingency Regulation (19/12/2019), adopted to mitigate a possible risk of a "no deal Brexit" will therefore not apply.

As of 1 January 2021, the UK will be treated as a third country for purposes of access to EU programmes, including Erasmus+. The possible participation of the UK in future programmes after 2020 will depend on the outcome of the overall negotiations on the future relationship between the two parties. 




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